Italian baby room ideas, trends, furniture, bedding

Italian baby room ideas with Italian trends for design baby rooms with Italian baby rooms furniture and baby rooms bedding colors with Italian ideas, paints schemes from Italian designers.

With updates which we make it for Italian corner blog, we introduce new sections for house parts decorations ideas and trends, we make this section about baby rooms decoration with Italian ideas and baby room paints, baby room furniture, baby room accessories and baby room bedding styles and colors.
This is the first time we write about baby rooms and mention Italian trends and Italian ideas for baby room decoration and baby room themes.

When you start to design a room for your baby you must know and red many trends to make true design for baby room, there are many trends you must follow it to have nice baby room look and apply this ideas and trends in your baby room by the correct way.
The next trends and ideas are collection of Italian trends and Italian ideas for baby room colors, ideas, furniture, bedding and ventilation.

Italian trends and ideas for baby rooms:

1- you must use exhilarating colors to painting wall and paint the ceiling by white paint to reflects light and get illuminated room when you finish the room paints, that in relation to baby room paints colors.
This is some colors which you can use it in baby room paints, for example you can use orange paints, green paints, yellow paints and white paints.

The paints colors which you must don't use it are black paints and i don't want you wonder, the black is the king of colors but we can use it in other room instead of baby room because its would negatively impact on the emergence of the child.

2- we should use mix of furniture pieces and mix of furniture colors but we shouldn't put a lot of furniture pieces to leave large space in this room because don't crowd the room by useless furniture, i advice you to use simple furniture designs in baby room with differ furniture colors instead of wall colors.

3- we should design true lighting that be through distribution lighting with true ways, also must be dim lighting and don't use colored lighting in baby room order not to affect about his eyes.

4- should using colorful bedding with exhilarating colors as green bedding, yellow bedding and orange bedding, you shouldn't use penetrating bedding colors.

Italian baby room ideas and trends with pictures:

Italian baby room ideas, blue baby room paints, white baby room furniture
Italian baby room ideas and trends, yellow paints for baby room with classic furniture

Italian trends for baby room bedding:

colorful baby room bedding with Italian ideas and Italian trends
Italian baby room bedding, Italian ideas and trends for baby room
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