22 Beautiful ideas for Kids room decorating for teen boys

The new year always brings something new - even changes in the home. If the nursery of your sons finally a renovation, new furniture, new design or a redecoration required - the new year is the right time for it.

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For a fresh coat of paint, it does not need a lot of money still plenty of time. If you base your color scheme on the trend colors 2015 you will have- definitely lucky because the trend color of the year, a perfect fit for a boy's room. The color palette is dominated by all shades of green, bright colors, metallic and natural tones complete the selection. So forth with great ideas for kids rooms for boys in 2015!

Modern teen boys decorating ideas for kids 2015 radiate

22 Kids room decorating ideas for teen boys
22 Kids room decorating ideas for teen boys
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From the wall colors on the sheets, to the carpet and storage boxes - the cheerful colors of the year are wonderful for a child. Green may be used as wall color, furniture color, or even used on houseplants. It is important that a fresh, salvaged and natural atmosphere. Natural textures, structures and materials are also in vogue.

Nursery for boys 2015- a color hard to enjoy

Simple gypsum board false ceiling designs with lights

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The suspended ceiling "ceiling sail" of Silent Rooms is one of the easiest and best gypsum false ceiling designs and plaster ceiling from the new collection of the company this year. The name fits the concept with its wonderful innovative design that will give your interior home a modern look. Due to the simple and pure design this is false ceiling for any kind of modern interior fit and suitable for different interior design styles. The model is available in white, which makes it all the more desirable. The "ceiling sail" suspended ceiling and false ceiling designs is available in two different sizes. In this way, the design of the living room and the kitchen can be installed, depending on room size false ceiling design.

Suspended ceiling lights of false ceiling designs for a minimalist kitchen design

Stunning gypsum board false ceiling designs with lights
Stunning gypsum board false ceiling designs with lights
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