Italy Textured wall coverings, floral wall covering designs, colors

Modern stylish Italian designs of textured wall covering and floral wall covering designs, Stylish wall covering colors, its so pretty wall coverings to get stylish look on your wall.

After high demand from our visitors to offer many Italian designs of wall covering, today we meet the demand and provide stylish designs of Italian textured wall covering designs with stylish colors and modern designs.

Wall covering is one of important ideas to have pretty look on our walls so i advise you to use this modern ideas in your home.
This post provide two kinds of wall covering designs, the first part offer 2 stylish designs of textured wall covering with Italian tastes but the second part in this post will provide 2 Italian designs of floral wall covering with stylish and modern colors and models.

Stylish Italian wall covering designs, colors pictures:

Textured wall covering with bright color look:

textured wall covering blue with brown, Italian wall covering designs
textured wall covering designs green with grey golden, Italian wall covering

Italian floral wall covering designs, colors:

purple floral wall covering Italian design for living room
brown floral wall covering design with pink flower, Italian wall cover


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