Italian girls bedroom ideas 2013 purple - Italian girls room

One of Italian designs for modern girl bedrooms white and purple with Italian ideas for wall decorations and wall cupboard 2013, romantic design for girl bedrooms Italian ideas 2013

I love Italian tastes in all life parts so I offering this Italian design and ideas for girls bedrooms 2013 in white and purple. its romantic Italian design for girls. this girl bedroom consisting of many Italian decoration ideas for wall, ceiling, Italian lighting, Italian accessories and Italian furniture for girls bedrooms.
The purple and white are basic colors in this room with many degrees and schemes.

If we seen the ceiling, its gypsum ceiling with calm lighting, its takes the white with few purple, in center we see modern lighting plate, this lighting plate is one of the best ceiling accessories in Italian tastes, its amazing.
But see this floral door, its romantic door in purple, its Italian sliding door in 2013 for girls bedrooms. The opposite wall have calm design of wall shelves for put accessories and books. This Italian girls bedroom consisting of simple wooden furniture.

Italian girls bedrooms decorations purple 2013
The best idea in this Italian design for girls bedroom, its wall decorations idea. this wall consisting of many cupboard and takes the same color of room walls but it takes purple in the inside. this wall cupboard we can use it from inside and abroad too as you see.
Italian idea for girls bedrooms and wall cupboard idea
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